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Yes, you read correctly, we are talking about a hands-free orgasm: being able to come without touching yourself.

Updated Feb. 2019: in order to be more comprehensive, I’ve included a more generic approach, not only based on erotic hypnosis as hands-free orgasms can be reached in many different ways.

Have you ever had a wet dream? Whether you are a woman or a man, you basically came without external stimulation. Your brain just sent the right signals and kapow, you got your orgasm.

This proves the power of the mind and how it can be employed to generate new pleasurable experiences.

In this article, I am going to walk you through how to reach an orgasm without your hands or whatever device you think you need.

You just need your brain, and if you’re reading this and understanding every word I write, it’s functional enough to bring you over the edge.

Introducing HFO or Hands-Free Orgasm

Skip this bit for the next section if you want to get down to it, I’m going to go over a bit of the history of HFO.

Hands-free orgasms have been really popularized thanks to the internet. Many amateur or professional hypnotists are now distributing — by selling them or for free — hypnosis programs to bring you to orgasm, without the use of physical stimulation.

This kind of wet dream hypnosis can be found on many platforms from Youtube to SoundCloud (and many other streaming platforms). Many amateurs on adult platforms are also showing their skillset at coming without external stimulation.

Orgasm without physical stimulation can be found earlier in history though. It finds its roots in tantric sex.

Without going too deep into details, the key insight here is that it’s ancient, works but requires training to raise your awareness and body-mind connection.

The three pillars of HFO

Overall, hands-free orgasms rely on 3 main pillars. You need to have a good understanding and mastery of these pillars in order to reach your orgasms.

  • Deep relaxation
  • Arousing imagination
  • Strong orgasms muscles

If you’re stuck and do not achieve orgasm while training with the protocol below, you might have one of these pillars holding you back.

Let’s deep dive into each of those pillars before defining a protocol to help you reach your orgasms without your hands.

Deep relaxation

By deep relaxation, I mean a way to shut down the overactivity of your mind severing the connection you have with your body.

Hypnosis is a great candidate for this, this is why erotic hypnosis is a great tool to achieve HFO, but there are other techniques to achieve very deep relaxation.

Visualization is an excellent technique used by a lot of people, including athletes to help relax. It’s also used in a lot of hypnosis inductions.

The visualization routine that helps achieve deep states of relaxation is often referred to as “body scanning”: you visualize your body being scanned, part by part. Each time you are scanning a body part, the muscles relax and loses any tension, feeling like a wet towel flat on the ground.

Scanning your whole body this way helps to refocus your mind on your bodily sensations and strengthen your body-mind connection.

Breathing exercises are also a very good way to control your internal state. You’ll find amazing breathing techniques and patterns in many practices, from yoga and mindfulness training to performance-enhancing techniques and even healing techniques.

One simple and effective breathing technique is to :

  1. Lay down on your back in a comfortable position
  2. Relax your jaw, open your mouth and breath deeply
  3. Focus on where the breath “goes” and try to get as deep as possible
  4. Scan where it feels good and focus in this area

This allows both to reconnect body and mind, focus on pleasurable sensations but also stimulate the “orgasms muscles” which is precisely my next point.

Strong orgasm muscles

You might or might not be familiar with stimulating your pelvic floor, doing what is also known as “kegel exercises”.

There are many health benefits associated with kegel exercises. For our purpose, it helps give you stronger orgasms and better control over them. If you develop a finer control over these muscles and build better strength and endurance, you will be able to generate better orgasms.

Here’s a brief primer on kegel exercises:

  • the goal is to train the same group of muscles you would use to stop peeing (while doing it). So a good way to locate them is to hold you pee after you started peeing.
  • now that you get the feeling, you need to train yourself by voluntary contracting these muscles regularly throughout the day
  • a good workout protocol would be to hold for 2 secs for 20 repetitions 2 to 3 times a day then increase this progressively — don’t overtrain and be mindful of your body’s feedback — to 20 reps of 5 seconds holds 3 to 5 times a day

Arousing imagination

On top of being very relaxed, you need to be aroused. And to be aroused, you need your imagination to be strong enough to provide you with an exciting vision and situation in which you can come.

How to improve your imagination for vivid fantasies? Increase your mindfulness in your day to day life so it works on autopilot during your most pleasurable experiences.

The idea is for you to be attentive to the details you usually filter out: the touch, the smell, the internal feelings, and tinglings so you can imagine feeling them again during your sessions.

This will help you build up a much more precise vision during the session.

The basics

Ok, now that you know the key ingredients of the HFO recipe, let’s get down to it. As it is the most sure-fire way for people to experience HFO, we will use erotic hypnosis to achieve it.

Let me walk you through the process very quickly. Just like most erotic hypnosis sessions, you first need to completely relax, to enter a state where you will be more suggestible.

You will be using a hypnosis audio file for the suggestion process (more on this later).

Find a safe place, somewhere private where you feel free to let yourself go.

Starting by deep breathing and a body scan, you first need to relax your body. Once it’s done you will want to relax your mind by allowing to drift and follow the suggestions of the HFO hypnosis audio you are using.

Once you are completely relaxed, the suggestions will take over and should guide you toward feeling waves of pleasures and pleasurable sensations in various parts of your body, especially the erogenous one.

As your state of excitation and pleasure increases — this is called the build up — you will be ready to achieve a hands-free orgasm when the hypnotist will ask you to.

The hands-free orgasm protocol

Here’s the protocol you need to follow step by step to achieve hands-free orgasms. We all respond differently to suggestions, so I tried to make this protocol fool-proof, allowing you to find the most effective technique and process for the hands-free release 😉

1. Finding the right HFO script for you

There is a ton of audio and video files promising hands-free orgasms online. Some are very simple oral stimulation suggestions, others are much more complex and kinkier.

Some communities like Reddit help a lot by curating those contents, I suggest you have a look at them.

2. Practicing regularly

Understand that it might not work right away. You might go through an entire program and just feel a slight tingling when other will convulse at waves of pleasures.

The key is to practice, to train yourself to connect more deeply with your body.

This is why you need a training regimen: start by practicing every two days. Set aside around 45 min on your schedule to practice.

The training sessions work better at the beginning and the end of the day, where your conscious mind is less present and less in control.

3. Tracking your progress

You can keep a journal or just notes somewhere, but you need to track your progress in a quantitative and a qualitative way.

Remember that what gets measured gets improved.

Quantitatively speaking, rating each session from 1 to 5 will allow you to visualize your progress over time.

Qualitatively, note down the sensations you felt. Try to describe them as precisely as you can. This will often bring them back to memory and sometimes allow you to feel them again while writing down your note.

Additional techniques

If after 2 weeks you don’t perceive any progress, here are a few hacks people have used to facilitate their progress. I’d recommend trying 2 full weeks without using any of these hacks, but if you’re stuck it’s a good way to progress, on top of working on the 3 pillars I talked about at the beginning of this guide:

  • bringing yourself to the edge before starting the session. The arousal and pleasure sensations that will be found in the erotic hypnosis suggestions will be closer to mind when starting the session
  • have one drink or two (no more!) to loosen up. It can be harder to obtain a “deep” enough level of trance by yourself listening to an audio file. Too much might kill your capacity to focus on the voice of the hypnotist, so don’t overdo it.
  • Refrain from other forms of sexual release: this will raise your overall level of arousal and make you more excited about these sessions. This might increase your rate of accidental orgasms though.
  • No external stimulation: use frustration as a source of motivation during your session, you can’t achieve orgasm by other means during the session

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