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When it comes down to erotic hypnosis suggestions, it really comes down to one’s imagination.

However, you can sometimes look for new ideas to spice the scene up or simply to open up your mind and your subject’s to new experiences.

This article is here for you: we are going to dive into a few erotic hypnosis suggestions, ranging from the very classic ones to the kind you might never have heard of before.

The goal here is not to create an exhaustive list of all the possibilities erotic hypnosis has to offer but to spice up your catalog of suggestions.

How and when to use these suggestions

This article will be solely focused on the suggestions part of the erotic hypnosis session. If you want a stronger understanding of how erotic hypnosis works and what are the key steps to use these suggestions, I suggest you read our introduction to erotic hypnosis.

As always, make sure all the parties agree to the session and that they have ways to communicate discomfort or rejection of the subconscious. Set up a safe place and safe words so the session is both respectful and enjoyable, staying within the boundaries of comfort.

Common erotic hypnosis suggestions

You might have heard or read about these suggestions before but they are so good and useful, I felt compelled to talk about them.

The Universal Trigger

Let’s start with a very useful one, as it opens a lot of doors and allows you to improvise during the scene, without having to put your subject back in trance to add commands.

From now on [name], each time I beginning a sentence by “Simon says…” your subconscious will comply fully and automatically with whatever Simon says. 

The more you delay the completion of what Simon says, the more you will feel the urge to fulfill the command. You can try to resist, but the more you resist, the stronger you will feel the compulsion to obey until you execute completely the command.

If what comes after Simon says is a statement of is a question, your subconscious will answer automatically, truthfully and completely to the question.

If what comes after Simon says is a statement of information, it automatically and completely becomes your new reality. This statement will the truth for your mind and you will ignore any evidence pointing to the contrary.

The pleasure trigger

This one is a popular one and looks a little bit like this:

From now on [name], each and every time I say to you the word “pleasure” you will instantly feel a very powerful rush of sexual pleasure as if you were licked, penetrated or stimulated in the most pleasurable and intimate way you have ever known. 

This will last only a few seconds but it is so powerful that during this time, you won’t be able to think or talk properly as you will be overwhelmed by this sexual pleasure.

Whether you are awake or asleep, each and every time I say “pleasure” to you the sensation overwhelms you and becomes stronger than the previous time, bringing you to the edge of orgasm.

Remote sensations

Remote sensations are part of the sensory hallucinations we can play with. One I particularly like is the “remote clit”. It involves the use of a prop, but thanks to the power of the mind, whatever you have on you is fine.

In a moment [name], I am going to wake you up. When I wake you up, you will find something very strange: whatever I do to the shirt button I have in my hand happens to your clitoris.

As you look at me tickling, licking and stimulating this button, you will feel exactly as if I was doing it to your clitoris. Whatever happens to this button happens to your clitoris. If I give you the button, you can stimulate yourself by touching the button as it is now directly linked to your clitoris.

Freeze/Unfreeze and Mannequin

Another well known one, popular amongst the statue fetish communities, this suggestion restricts the movement of the subject and make her physically controllable.

In a moment [name], I am going to bring you back, out of trance. From this point in time until the end of our session, every time I snap my fingers and say “mannequin”, you will instantly and automatically, without thinking about it, turn into a mannequin.

While you are a mannequin, you remain immobile. You continue breathing, blinking and you keep your balance but other than that you can’t move on your own.

When you are a mannequin, if I move a part of your body, it will effortlessly follow my movement, without resistance. When I stop moving this part of your body, it will remain locked in the position I left it until I snap my fingers and say “mannequin off”.


This is not a suggestion per se, but more a frame you can set with your subject. It’s very interesting to induce a scenario implicating exciting situations or fantasies.

Here are a few examples to get you started on new ideas :

  • your subject is playing your obeying secretary
  • you are on a plane and your subject is part of the plane staff
  • your subject is a top-secret spy

This will spice up the rest of your session, bringing the whole experience into a more fun frame.

Less known erotic hypnosis suggestions

In this part, I’m going to talk about other erotic hypnosis suggestions that are a little bit less known or popular. I find these particularly interesting as they give great inside into one’s psychology and a glimpse of the subconscious mind’s buried desires.

The communication trigger

This trigger is really useful to get insights as into what’s happening within your partner’s head. I first read about it in Mind Play (see the resources section) from Mark Wiseman.

From time to time [name], I’m going to ask you “what’s on your mind”. As soon as you hear “what’s on your mind”, without thinking about it, your subconscious will answer for you and you will tell me something you think I need to know.

It may be something that is bothering you or something you want to ask me or just something you obsess about.

It will come out of your mouth automatically, without you thinking about it, it will just get out of your head, straight to your mind in a clear, intelligible voice.

The Fantasy Library

This suggestion leads the subjects to explore possibly forgotten fantasies and express them to you. This can give you many more ideas to follow up on.

Now [name], I’d like you to imagine a room where you are very comfortable. This can be your childhood’s bedroom or your current apartment, you’re free to chose.

As you look around in this room, you will notice a trapdoor hidden on the floor. Go ahead and open it, you will see a stair leading down to your secret fantasy library.

As you go down the stairs, you will feel your sexual arousal increase because you know you are entering the library where you store all your fantasies, old and new. 

As you walk in the library, you feel attracted to a black book on a shelve. It’s like it’s calling you and the closer you get to this book, the more aroused you become. 

As you get closer, you realize you are getting aroused because this black book contains your strongest, most powerful fantasy. You know the book describes perfectly this fantasy of yours and this excites you to know that it’s there, in front of you.

Now [name], I’d like you to take this book and open it, and although you will remain in a deep, comfortable trance, you will be able to describe to me what you read in the black book in a clear voice

Conditioning with pleasure

I first heard about this concept in Mark Cunningham’s materials on erotic hypnosis.

The idea is to reward new beliefs with pleasure. This can be used to reprogram limiting beliefs.

Now [name], in a moment I am going to bring you out of trance. Each and every time I say to you “Tell me…”,  you will repeat it back to me. Whatever you repeat becomes your internal reality.

Your subconscious will automatically and completely accept the statement. As soon as you repeated the statement you will feel a strong wave of pleasure rewarding you for accepting this new reality.

Once again, when I command you to “Tell me…” something, you immediately repeat what comes after it and accept it as your reality. This will become your reality. Once you’re done repeating, you will feel a very powerful, strong pleasure to reward you.


If you want to dig deeper into the subject and find other sources of inspiration, I can recommend several resources:

Finally, your partners and your communication with them will yield insights you can then use to create new erotic hypnosis suggestions. Keep an ear out and keep improving and refining your scenes!


The imagination is your only limitation. I hope this piece inspired you with new ideas of erotic hypnosis suggestions for your sessions and I hope they will bring fun and joy to your partners.

If you have suggestions you particularly like and you would like to share it here, use the comments, I’d be happy to update this page and showcase other types of suggestions.


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