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Erotic hypnosis triggers are the subject of many fantasies. Post-hypnotic triggers are basically used to trigger a specific behavior once the subject is out of trance — if you don’t understand what you read, check out my primer on erotic hypnosis.

Here are the 5 most popular and recurring triggers you can find in erotic hypnosis sessions.

#1 Sleep

The “sleep” trigger is used in many more sessions than erotic hypnosis. Most hypnotists will use it to put the subject back into trance.

This is a very useful trigger as it allows to “program” the next triggers.

Putting the subject into trance and back is also a process called “fractionation” that will increase the subject’s suggestibility and responsiveness to the commands. It deepens the trance.

All of this makes the “sleep” trigger a very popular one.

#2 The arousal trigger

The arousal trigger is used to generate arousal and sexual excitement for the subject.

The command will increase the desire of the subject to experience sexual pleasure.

#3 The pleasure trigger

This one has been popularized by Jim Carry in Bruce Almighty but you get the idea. This trigger is used to generate profound, deep and intense pleasure.

I like to differentiate it from the orgasm trigger though, I use the pleasure trigger as a way to build up to the orgasm, and the orgasm trigger, well…

#4 The orgasm trigger

This trigger is one of the most fantasized about. Upon hearing the trigger — which ranges from “orgasm now!” to “kapaw” to whatever command you like to use — the subject will experience an orgasm.

While it’s a popular one, it has to be used in the right way to avoid creating performance issue or pressure. Hypnotists should focus on building up desire and pleasure before and making sure the subject is relaxing deep enough to get to the state where she can trigger an orgasm.

#5 Freeze and Unfreeze

This is a popular play amongst hypnotists: freezing and unfreezing the subject. We’re touching a bit on BDSM here, but the key concept is to remove the subject’s power to move on her own will and lock her in and out of positions using this trigger.

What are your favorite erotic hypnosis triggers?

Erotic Hypnosis Triggers

There are many more triggers. Your imagination is the only limit after all, depending on your inclination you might want to experience different triggers giving life to different scenarios.

What are your favorite triggers?

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